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Baker Hughes is inviting you to participate in the Kimberlite

2021 Subsea Life of Field Services Study

The study looks to discuss your needs and use of subsea life of field services and their role in enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and extending the life expectancy of subsea assets.  This study is being sponsored by a number of the leading manufacturers and service suppliers in this field.  These suppliers are looking to get input directly from subsea engineers and managers to better understand how they might improve their services and products to meet ongoing and future industry needs.  Kimberlite acts as an unbiased, third party to collect, aggregate, and analyze the data and your personal anonymity is assured. The results of this study are taken very seriously, and this is an opportunity to voice your needs and opinions to shape the development of new technologies and services for this market.  As a professional courtesy, a complimentary summary report will be shared with all respondents upon completion of the project.

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**Kimberlite cannot guarantee that Opting out through the use of this form will prevent us from reaching out to you for this particular study. In order to best prevent us from reaching out for this study, please provide your Name, Phone, and Email  (It will only be used to filter your contact information out of any other collected/managed lists) 

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