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Corrosion and Deposit Control are Leading Challenges Faced by Operators

Operators worldwide report that corrosion and deposit control (scale, wax, paraffin) are leading challenges that negatively impact their wells production and lead to intervention. Nearly 50% of operators worldwide cite these challenges as being the most frequent problems they encounter.

These findings are based on 259 personal interviews with over 170 operators worldwide.

It is important to highlight that operators commonly employ chemical treatments to address these concerns, but only approximately 20% to 30% of operators report experiencing a high level of effectiveness with their production chemical treatments. This represents a significant opportunity for the service providers to improve the efficacy of production chemical treatments and delivery systems.

In addition, approximately 15% to 47% of artificial lift failures (depending upon lift type) in US land are attributable to inadequate effectiveness of production chemical treatments further compounding the negative impact on the well’s performance.

Other leading problems commonly encountered by operators that negatively impact well production and lead to intervention include sand/debris (cited by 32% of operators worldwide) followed by casing/tubular leaks & failures (cited by 26% of operators worldwide).

Suppliers capable of solving the chemical problems as well as the mechanical (artificial lift) problems along with proper integration of well performance data to deliver predictive well performance analytics will have an advantage in the market and bring the greatest value to the operators.

The exhibit below serves as an example of how production solutions-focused oilfield service suppliers can integrate these key offerings to deliver enhanced oil recovery.

Kimberlite will continue to track operators well productivity needs and challenges as well as oilfield service suppliers who are most capable of solving these problems. Feel free to reach out to discuss.


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