Microsoft is the Leading Cloud Provider for the Oil & Gas Industry

A recent study published by Kimberlite Oilfield Research with 151 geologists and geophysicists worldwide reveals that Microsoft remains the leading cloud provider serving the G&G community of the oil & gas industry. Amazon follows in 2nd place while Google continues to hold the 3rd position.

43% of the respondents interviewed report using Microsoft/Azure as their cloud provider followed by 22% of respondents citing the use of Amazon and 9% citing the use of Google. IBM continues to struggle in gaining any meaningful growth and penetration into the oil & gas market and is cited as being used by 4% of the respondents surveyed.

Microsoft got off to an early start with the G&G community and Amazon has been investing to catch up.

Cloud use and adoption is not growing at the rates anticipated by the E&P operators due to concerns about costs, privacy, and speed. Only 13% of current seismic data processing is performed accessing the Cloud and only 10% of G&G applications worldwide are accessed using the Cloud today (each up marginally from 7% in 2018). G&G professionals worldwide, however, remain optimistic that this low use of the Cloud today to access applications will grow to approximately 27% of G&G applications being accessed from the Cloud in two years.

38% of the oil & gas operators surveyed report that they prefer to have their processed seismic data delivered to them via the Cloud. This trend is also expected to increase.