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Permian Basin Supplier Performance Report

Kimberlite has recently completed our annual Permian Basin supplier Performance Report. This report is based on voice of the customer interviews with 1,755 respondents represent over 100 unique E&P operators in the Permian Basin. The study evaluates 29+ PSLs, related to G&G/ Formation Evaluation, Drilling equip & svcs, Completion equip & svcs, and Production equip & svcs.

Looking at a value map that plots the service providers based on all PSLs combined, we see the big 4 service companies are competitively disadvantaged to the many small and mid-tier suppliers who in aggregate comprise 65% market share in the Permian Basin.

Closer evaluation by product and service line reveals that the Big 4 suppliers do provide strong performance and value for select offerings but many are viewed as underperforming the market.

Obtaining "Best Value" remains a challenge for the E&P operators and requires due diligence and benchmarking given the wide variance that exists between supplier performance.


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