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Use of Real-Time Drilling Operations Support Increases

Operators worldwide report increased use of real-time drilling operations support. While the use and adoption of real-time drilling operations have been increasing over the past few years, the covid pandemic in 2020 greatly accelerated use and adoption to the point that approximately 64% of all wells drilled globally use real-time drilling operations support to assist with the execution of drilling programs.

The use of real-time drilling operations support is reported to be highest among the Gulf of Mexico and US land operators followed by Canada and international offshore operators.

While the covid pandemic of 2020 served as a catalyst for the increased use and adoption, the benefits realized by the operators are substantial and include improved drilling efficiency, quicker decision making, improved safety, and lower cost such that the use of real-time drilling operations support is expected to continue post covid and in fact continue to grow in use internationally.

The Big 3 drilling service suppliers (SLB, BKR, and HAL) are the most used suppliers for real-time drilling operations support with SLB and BKR exhibiting customer loyalty ratings as measured by the Net Promoter Score that is slightly higher than the industry average while Halliburton’s customer loyalty ratings are below the industry average.

Among some of the small and mid-tier suppliers, Scientific Drilling and Corva stand out as leading providers with customer loyalty ratings that are well above the industry average.

Operators using real-time drilling operations support cite using principally for MWD/LWD and directional drilling followed to a lesser extent for drilling optimization and reservoir navigation.

Kimberlite will continue to track the use and adoption of real-time drilling operations support among the operators worldwide. Please feel free to reach out to discuss.


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