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SIMO FRAC… It’s Just NOT For Everyone!

While drilling and completion efficiencies continue to increase, the prospect of Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing or Dual Fracturing has been promoted as another potential “game changer” for the industry.

While nearly one out of five US land oil & gas operators have tried Simo Frac’s and report on average 27% completion efficiencies, recent feedback reveals that the use of this completion technique is not for everyone.

In fact, nearly two-thirds of operators do not plan to use Simo Frac in the future and US land operators estimate that only approximately 18% of wells completed are candidates for the use of Simo Frac. However, a small core set of operators, plan on leveraging Simo Frac operations, and active users of this completion approach plan on continuing to use it in the future.

Key drawbacks and impediments for broad-based adoption include having the supply chain logistics for sand, water, chemicals to support such a continuous operation coupled with downhole operational concerns and simply not having the pad configurations and drilling program to support the use of Simo Frac.

Kimberlite will continue to track industry trends and technology adoption including simultaneous hydraulic fracturing. Feel free to reach out to discuss.


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